Saturday, April 26, 2008

It snowed last night!!!!

It SNOWED here last night!!!!!!! Can you believe it? It is the 26th of April and we actually have snow on the ground. AAAHHHHHHHHH!

Our dock and boatlift were put back into the water last weekend by the local ski club and were thinking about getting the boat out of storage on Sunday and putting it into the water and crusing the lake for fun. Our granddaughter (she is 4) is ready to go tubing and boating. Well maybe her life jacket will fit over her snowsuit.

Susan & I were looking at all of the perrinnials coming up in the flower gardens at home on Wednesday night and she remarked on how we had lost some to a late frost last spring. I looked at her and said " but honey it wasn't 70 degrees last spring like it is now, we'll be fine this year". Well now I have to try to get my size 11 shoe out of my mouth after those comments.

We have already hung the winter clothes away in the basement closet, packed away the hats, gloves & boots. Darn, it was really cold out this morning.

Well the nice thing about Minnesota is that the weather here will change by tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I will need the sunscreen & speedo (just kidding) by tomorrow.

Brian Bartley

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